Dogwood Mountain Homeowners Association
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Welcome. Dogwood Mountain is a subdivision in the Sierra Nevada near Shaver Lake, California. This web site serves property owners and their guests.

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Annual Homeowner Meeting 2019

Save the date! We will meet this year on Saturday, September 7, at the Historical Museum. As usual, the meeting follows a potluck lunch which starts at 11:30am.

Read the invitation, what to bring and the agenda.


The Shaver Lake Citizens Advisory Council (SLCAC) Has sent out minutes (PDF) of the Apr 26 meeting, including an Asbestos Project Update, a budget discussion and a request for changes to the Fresno County General Plan.

County of Fresno draft documents

The County Policy Planning Unit is requesting public review of the General Plan and the Zoning Ordinance described on this web page. Note: the General Plan and Background Report documents linked there are quite large (27 & 35 MB).

Association Documents

For your convenience, copies of the Association legal documents (CC&Rs) are now available in our About Dogwood page.


The National Weather Service at Hanford provides forecasts for Shaver Lake and automated weather observations from a location near Shaver Lake.

Sierra Marina operates a weather station and a Web Cam on the lake.