Dogwood Mountain Homeowners Association

Fire Safety

The Center for Fire Research and Outreach at U.C. Berkeley has developed a Fire Information Toolkit that is worth checking out.

The Fire Safe Council offers a number of educational materials to help preserve and enhance California's manmade and natural resources. The brochure, “A Homeowner's Guide to Fire Safe Landscaping — Timberland” is particularly relevant to Dogwood property owners. Other educational materials can be found on this web page.

Fire incident information in the National Forest can be found at the InciWeb site. From here, you can link to specific fire incidents. For example, the 2015 Rough Fire is at

Mike Hankins put together this fire safety tip sheet (PDF, 16 Sep 2018) for Dogwood. He includes the following useful phone numbers:

  1. Sheriff Dispatcher 559-488-3111
  2. Fire dispatcher 559-294-2009
  3. Sierra Nat. Forest dispatcher 559-269-2259
  4. Dinky Creek CDF 559-841-3360
  5. Fire conditions and locations 559-294-6825

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